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At Goodyear, innovation isn't just what we do-it's who we are. Learn about what drives us and where we're headed next. In the winter ofCharles Goodyear accidentally discovers that the addition of heat and sulphur alters the consistency of rubber, later to be known as the vulcanization process. Raymond Penfield, Frank Seiberling's brother-in-law and an original stockholder in Goodyear, becomes second president.

Automobile tires added to Goodyear's product line. A meeting to discuss the idea of a suitable trademark is held in August Among the sketches prepared for the meeting is one using the winged foot of Mercury. Grant patent on carriage tires declared invalid, Goodyear's bond money returned.

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Construction starts on new factory building, four times larger than original plant. Seiberling-Stevens patent issued for tire-building machine. First detachable rim developed by Goodyear to replace one-piece clincher rim.

Goodyear becomes the industry leader in the manufacture and sales of carriage tires. Frank Seiberling becomes president.

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Goodyear produces the world's first quick, detachable, straight-side tire. Large addition to the factory built.

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First All-Weather tread de adopted — a diamond-studded pattern used with only minor modifications for nearly 40 years. Forerunner of research and development departments created. Goodyear develops first pneumatic rubber airplane tire, which replaces sled runners and bicycle tires aviation pioneers were then using.

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State-Seiberling tire building machine patented. Company's first subsidiary and plant outside of the U. Akron plant operates 24 hours a day. Goodyear tires used for first U. Goodyear tires used on first transcontinental flight from Long Beach, California to Long Beach, New York, 84 days and 63 landings and on world record flight from St. Louis to New York 11 days.

Goodyear establishes one of the first industrial hospitals in the U. First issue of employee newsletter Wingfoot Clan published. Branch office opens in London. Expanding non-tire production, mechanical rubber goods department started, first conveyor belt produced. Cotton mill acquired in Killingly, Connecticut. Plans announced to build factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Flying Squadron employee training originated.

Ralph de Palma races on Goodyear tires in the Indianapolis Goodyear builds first "kite" observation balloons.

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Eight-hour day becomes standard, along with paid vacations for all employees. All of the cars in the Indianapolis use Goodyear tires. Sales branches open in Australia, Argentina, and South Africa. First clock tower built in factory building erected on Market Street in Akron.

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Carbon black, a World War I substitute for zinc oxide, introduced in tire compounding. Goodyear becomes world's largest tire company, initiates slogan "More people ride on Goodyear tires than on any other kind.

Goodyear Heights bus line, one of the first in the country, in operation at two cents a ride in Akron. Goodyear pontoons on racing balloons become forerunner of inflatable life rafts. Construction starts on Goodyear Hall in Akron. Industrial Assembly is established to help give Goodyear's 30, employees a democratic voice in management.

First bulletproof gasoline tanks for planes developed by Goodyear. Construction started on tire factory in Los Angeles, California. Post—World War I depression reduces tire production tounits in December, compared with a high in April ofunits.

Goodyear Hall opens in Akron, construction slowed by war.

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Tire factory opens in Los Angeles. Goodyear refinances and reorganizes. Frank and Charles Seiberling re. Edward Wilmer, Milwaukee lawyer and financier, named to presidency. Tire production increases, for a 50 percent gain over Captax, an organic accelerator invented by Goodyear, helps reduce production costs. First cord sectional air bag for curing tires produced and patented.

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George Stadelman becomes president. Edward Wilmer named chairman. New Supertwist cord spurs successful growth of pneumatic truck tires. Balloon tires introduced. Goodyear acquires Zeppelin patents, making possible construction of rigid airships in the U. Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation formed.

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Cotton mill acquired in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Increasing rubber prices result in Goodyear research into synthetic rubber. Paul Litchfield named president, replaces George Stadelman after Stadelman's death. Company's crude rubber requirements are about one-seventh of the world's total production. Cotton mills acquired in Georgia and Quebec.

Refinancing completed, control of Goodyear returned to stockholders. Goodyear becomes first company in rubber industry to establish a hospital association for employees. Company applies for synthetic rubber patents for Chemigum. Airwheel, a low-pressure tire, developed for airplanes — later adapted for passenger car use. Australian and English tire plants in production. Construction of world's largest airship dock begins in Akron. Spot welding of aluminum alloy developed by Goodyear.

Gden, Alabama tire plant and two Georgia textile mills begin operation. President Paul Litchfield named chairman. Pneumatic tire production falls from more than 23 million units in to less than 18 million units due to Great Depression. Airwheel tires used on Fords, Chevrolets.

Additional land acquired for third Sumatra rubber plantation. Rigid airship Akron launched, construction on sister ship Macon begins. Rubber-tired tractors demonstrated, based on work in a Florida orange grove on low-pressure Airwheel tires.

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Construction begins on Argentina plant. Six-hour day inaugurated to spread the work and alleviate unemployment caused by the Depression. First hydraulic disc brakes for airplanes developed by Goodyear.

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First year since Depression began that tire production shows increase. Airship Macon completed. Synthetic rubber research reactivated as full-time project. Magnesium alloy airplane wheel developed. Decatur, Alabama textile mill acquired.

Goodyear Bank established in Akron. Pliofilm, rubber-based packaging film, developed. Tire plant construction starts in Java.

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Earthmover tire introduced. First studded mud and snow tire announced. Kelly-Springfield Tire Company purchased. Explorer II, Goodyear-built stratosphere balloon, sets altitude record of 72, feet.

Construction begins on Indonesian tire plant. Rubber plantation in Panama begins operations. LifeGuard tube first marketed. First rayon truck tire introduced. First sit-down strike begins November 8. Airfoam production starts.

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