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The city that is known today as San Jose came into being as a small town around the middle of the 16th century. This area was known as the Aserri Valley and was comprised of extensive grasslands with an altitude measuring between 3, and 4, ft.

Init was consecrated and dedicated to the Patriarch Saint Joseph. Ina new adobe style church was constructed, which over time became known as the Metropolitan Cathedral. On September 15th,Costa Rica gained independence from Spain, which created a power struggle over which should be the capital among the four main cities of the Central Valley: San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia or Cartago. This tense situation led to two armed confrontations: the Ochomongo War of and the La Liga War of In the end, San Jose was declared the capital of the republic. The construction boom was due in large part to well-known competing foreign architects, such as Franz Kurtze, Ludwig von Shamier, and Franz Rohrmoser, who were responsible for the most important construction project of the era.

Inmembers of the Religious Order of Sion came to the country at the request of General Tomas Guardia in order to work on education reform in the city of Alajuela. This group of buildings was built in neoclassical style, which, over time, has lost much of its original historical relevance. The Pavilion rooms and the convent were built in brick over granite stone base. The chapel is made of re-enforced concrete with a medium point vaulted arch.

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All the work was overseen by Pedro Albertazzi. This educational center played an important role in the education of females during this time. Inthe Sion High School was transferred to Moravia and in the State took over the property and installed various public offices that currently form part of the Legislative Assembly. This magnificent neoclassical residential home was constructed in by the lawyer and well-known politician Maximo Fernandez. Inthe housing project was rented to the State to be used as the presidential home from toand was inhabited by various presidents, including Alfredo Gonzalez Flores, Federico Tinoco Granados, Francisco Aguilar Barquero and Julio Acosta Garcia.

Init was then acquired by Dr. The Castillo Azul was constructed of re-enforced concrete and is famous for its detailed finishes, tastefulness and quality of the materials. The plans and technical specifications were provided by the Casa Hennebique, in Paris, France, and the construction itself was carried out by the contractor Alfredo Andreoli. There are two versions to the origins of the name of the building.

In the s, Cristina Castro, widow of Kieth Castro, donated this property to the Temporalities of the Catholic Church in order to build a temple on it.

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However inthe then president Ricardo Jimenez did not authorize the construction due to its proximity to the Bellavista barracks. Inthe president Leon Cortes Castro bought the land from the church in order to build the presidential home there. Work began that same year in neoclassical style by the architect Jose Maria Barrantes. The re-enforced concrete structure with an iron framed roof experienced several setbacks during its construction due to the lack of concrete and other materials during the Second World War.

Init was finished and then was occupied by the Legislative Assembly instead of its original plan as a presidential home. Located between Central and 1st Avenue and 15th Street. Init was acquired by Mauro Fernandez. It was vacant between and and was then bought by the government of Alfredo Gonzalez Flores in order to turn it into a military barracks.

Inthis project was carried on by Federico Tinoco. Between andit was finally transformed into a military barracks. The Bellavista Barracks faded out as an institution due to the constitutional decree of the abolition of the military in and was dedicated as the facility for the National Museum. The museum displays a part of its collections in two halls: one is pre-Columbian history and the other displays the history of Costa Rica. The de of the plaza is by Edwin Villata. One of the purposes of the construction was to provide a better visual perspective of the west side of the National Museum.

The project as a whole caused some turmoil due to the demolition of some historically valuable residential homes that were on site.

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Located on Central and 2nd Avenue, in front of the National Museum. Located in its new building inaugurated inthe Jade museum exhibits the largest collection of pre-Columbian Jade in the Americas.

Presently, it has a modern exhibition room floor plan, allowing national and foreign visitors easier access to the rich archeological wealth that this museum holds, preserves and displays. The collection contains artifacts in ceramic, stone, bone, shell, wood, and other materials in its permanent, as well as its seasonal exhibition rooms.

Located on 13th Street, between Central and 2nd Avenue. Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 a. On April 26,the mission board of the Episcopal Methodist Church, located in Mexico, decided to take on a missionary project in Costa Rica.

For a short time it served as the Redeemer Baptist Church, until a new church was constructed in made of brick and mortar. Our Lady of Solitude Church was constructed in the middle of the 19th century, becoming a driving force within the population in the southeast part of the city. It is a distinguished structure built with limestone in baroque style and is one of the most representative structures of the 19th century that is still intact.

A doctor, counselor, and Congressional official, he was elected president of the Republic in He promoted important social reforms in his time. An elections fraud charge provoked an armed conflict that kept him in exile for 14 years.

Years of effort have prepared valuable intellectuals in our society, making it one of the leading learning centers for years after. It is a building of great architectural value, a style that defined Costa Rican construction at the end of the 19th century. The facade is Doric order, overlaid with Corinthian order made from stone. The facade is perfectly balanced, vertically as well as horizontally, which are classical elements of the renaissance. During the 19th century and into the 20th century, England held a strong economic influence over the region in terms of loans to Central American countries.

As a consequence, many English businessmen came to Central America and many chapels were set up to feed the spiritual needs of English businessmen and diplomats. InThe Church of Christ was established in Guatemala inside the British embassy and its chaplain also belonged to diplomatic personnel. David E. Richards was its first bishop. Currently, the Church has a presence in three provinces: San Jose, Heredia and Limon, where the majority of the churches are located.

Its objective was to create a center for artistic, literary, and scientific activities.

Inwork was underway with the demolition of the buildings next to the National Theater. The de and supervision of the project was under the guise of the architects Edgar Vargas, Jorge Bertheau, Jorge Borbon and the engineer Samuel Rovinsky. The culture complex was inaugurated on February 26, during the Rodrigo Carazo administration. The original plan underwent various and ificant changes resulting in three underground levels, some 40 ft.

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The main areas are occupied by the pre-Columbian Gold Museum, the Central Bank Coin Collection Museum, a library, an auditorium and open areas for temporary exhibitions and other events. Business Hours: Monday to Sunday from a.

Wednesdays are free for Costa Rican citizens and residents. Caution If you need to check a map, do so in a public and secure area or ask a police officer for help. Do not stop in front of strangers. Use ATMs that are located in public, well illuminated areas. Count your money and put it away prior leaving the ATM. Use the safe deposit box of your hotel for your valuables. Inthe Spanish theater businessman, Tomas Garcia, along with other investors, decided to build the Teatro de Variedades. Init was inaugurated with the La Mascota Operetta and inthe Greek Company introduced the first cinematographic projections in the country causing quite a stir and admiration among the citizens of San Jose.

Inthe national tenor, Manuel Melico Salazar, made his debut in the opera Bohemios. Aroundthe theater was sold to Nicolas Chavarria Mora, Alberto Echandi, Jose Zeledon, and Jose Rafael Chacon, who were responsible for the current adornment of the facade of the building.

Inthe theater was purchased by Mario Urbini, who converted it into an exclusively cinematic theater. The facade of the structure was created in brick and its adornment is eclectic with columns of friezes of human faces, floral garlands, and branches with large leaves.

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There are also two full bodied female figures with a harp in the middle. This building was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century in brick, Stone plinth, and interior walls in French baroque style metal roof covered in concrete. The structure today has basically retained the same facade and is occupied by the restaurant, Rosti Pollos. It is a two-floor neoclassical building, which was typical of the commercial buildings of that time. It belongs to the Anderson Saenz Family. Its ificance as a historical heritage site complements the Variety Theater. This building was constructed between and with public funds.

Its construction was overseen by Antonio Varela. It was constructed in brick and stone base with granite and marble surfacing. It is the result of the ambitions of the coffee plantation oligarchies near the end of the 19th century.

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The exterior displays allegories of Dance, Music, and Fame the current ones are replicas. This brick and concrete building was constructed between and in neoclassical style in brick and cement. The job was directed by the engineer Victor Lorenz.

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